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O Que Irá Aprender

The aim of the instrumental tuition programme at LIS. is to provide enrichment for our
students. It is our hope that through providing opportunities to learn a musical instrument,
students will be able to participate in the musical life of the school and wider community. We
believe to be successful students must demonstrate a steadfast commitment towards learning,
practising and performing. We envision that tuition on an instrument will complement the
music curriculum in both the primary and the secondary school at LIS.

Como Este Curso Irá Beneficiar a Sua Carreira

Finding the best qualified and experienced instrumental teachers available in Luanda.The teachers may be expatriate volunteers or Angolan nationals who have at least abasic command of English.- Monitoring the standard of the instrumental tuition offered at school.- Timetabling the lessons and monitoring the attendance of students.- Communicating with parents by email, or in the case of general information about theprogramme.

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Critérios de Admissão

• The programme is open to students from year 2 to year 12.• Lessons will take place from 1510 and 1740 (Instructors Jorge Kakepa and Mr. Nana) or1510-1640 Risa Amparan) and are 30 minutes in duration.• Students may not have more than one 30-minute lesson per week.• Students must provide their own guitars; keyboards are provided• Applications must be received from parents (not directly from students) by email to theprogramme coordinator Randall Haime.• Applications will be processed in the order they are received and places are filled on afirst-come, first served basis.• When all available places are filled, students will be placed on a waiting list, and parentswill be informed as soon as a place becomes available.• Students may only withdraw from instrumental tuition at the end of a term. If a parentwishes the child to discontinue tuition, notice must be given by email to the programmecoordinator before the end of the term.• Parents will be informed via email regarding the lesson times during the first week ofterm.• Group lessons are available for guitar students and please inquire if you are interested.The groupings will be made at the discretion of the instructor and instrumental musiccoordinator.

Como inscrever-me?

• Fees for instrumental tuition will be set each term by the business manager and parents
will be charged for the amount payable according to the number of lessons for the term.
Single lessons are 250 AKZ/25 USD per lesson and group lessons are 180 AKZ/18 USD
per lesson.
• Fees must be paid in advance directly to the school cashier (or into the school bank
account or to the accounts department) and are non-refundable. Payment in Kwanza is
preferred. Payment will not be accepted by the instrumental tutor or to the programme coordinator. Tuition will not be given until payment has been received.
• Parents will be expected to pay for any materials required by the student, such as music books.

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  • Rua do Talatona-Bairro de Talatona-Luanda Sul-Município da Samba-Caixa Postal 1566