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12 weeks

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Driven by the International Baccalaureate philosophy, LIS builds the skills and attitudes of each member of our community, shaping adaptable and knowledgeable individuals who meet challenges with confidence.
The objectives of LIS IS: To deliver the three International Baccalaureate Programmes through high-quality teaching so that the balance of skills, attitudes and knowledge attained can be transferred seamlessly to other schools.
To position the learner profile attributes at the centre of the school’s life as qualities which all members of our community are encouraged to model in everything we do.
To communicate clearly with the whole school community, using mother-tongue languages as appropriate.
To celebrate the wealth of languages spoken by members of the school community and continually to ensure that the power of language is used to enhance relationships, never to harm them.
To instill in all members of our community a willingness to respect and understand difference, to evaluate differing viewpoints using clear moral principles and to appreciate and focus on the commonalities shared by us all.
To foster a culture of learning in which all members of the LIS community are encouraged, within a safe and secure environment, to take conceptual risks that will carry us beyond our social and academic comfort zones.
To set continually evolving goals, within clear strategic frameworks, that will ensure the sustained progress of our students, our staff and our school.
To review regularly, through structured reflection, the degree of success with which the Mission, Values and Objectives of the school are being followed.

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Luanda International School


Rua do Talatona-Bairro de Talatona-Luanda Sul-Município da Samba-Caixa Postal 1566 Luanda Luanda


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