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ABE Level 4 Diploma in Business Management

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The business management programme covers the knowledge and skills you need to work and succeed in business. It starts with the introductory Level 4 Diploma in Business Management and progresses through Levels 5 and 6 to the postgraduate Level 7 Diploma. The Diploma is awarded by the UK’s Association of Business Executives (ABE) and is on the UK Government’s Register of Regulated Qualifications.

There are four units in total and each one should take 100 guided learning hours which is the total time you are likely to spend studying including all your time spent on listening to the lectures, reading the online information, reading the workbooks, using the software, undertaking the exercises, discussions with other students and completing the assessments or revising for the one exam. The qualification is taught online, so you can start at any time as you are not restricted by term times. You will receive your log in and password for the Teaching Zone as soon as we have received payment. All you need is Internet access!

  • Licenciatura
  • Online
  • City of London
  • Duração: 6 meses
  • 399 GBP

Programa de estudos

The ABE Level 4 Diploma in Business Management consists of four units:
- Introduction to Business
- Introduction to Quantitative Methods
- Introduction to Business Communications
- Introduction to Accounting

Onde e quando

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Online Teaching Zone

Olympia Mews,London

City of London,United Kingdom


Para quem é este curso?

The course is intended for supervisors, team leaders and managers of private, not for profit and public sector organisations.

Quais são os objetivos do curso?

Introduction to Business
On completion of this unit you will understand:
- The objectives of a business, what resources they need and to whom they are accountable
- The structure and classification of business
- How the external environment creates opportunities and threats for a business
- The factors that influence the scale of production, the location of production and the choice between different types of production processes
- The marketing process including marketing strategy, marketing planning and market research
- The main accounting concepts and sources of finance for business
- The need for human resource planning, and the importance of motivation in theory and in practice

Introduction to Quantitive Methods
On completion of this unit you will:
- Understand the rules of numeracy
- Be able to make and apply calculations relevant to business
- Be able to use algebraic methods to solve business problems
- Be able to construct and use graphs, charts and diagrams in a business context
- Be able to apply statistical methods to provide business and management information
- Understand and be able to apply the laws of probability to find solutions to business problems

Introduction to Business Communication
On completion of this unit you will:
- Understand and know how to apply the principles which govern the transmission of information in business situations
- Be able to compose all common types of written communication in a clear, complete and correct way
- Understand the principles of communicating orally in an effective way
- Understand the importance of non-verbal signals in communication
- Understand how common barriers to successful communication arise, and how they can be overcome
- Understand the content of a passage of simple business information and know how to summarise it effectively
- Understand the role of computers and other modern communication technologies in business communication
- Understand common business and communications terms

Introduction to Accounting
On completion of this unit you will:
- Understand the nature and scope of accounting
- Understand double entry bookkeeping
- Know how to prepare a set of final accounts
- Know how to prepare a cash flow statement
- Understand financial ratio analysis as a means to interpretation of accounts
- Understand and be able to calculate different elements of cost
- Understand break even analysis
- Understand budgeting

Quais são os critérios de inscrição?

There are no entry requirements, although you should have attained Level 2 qualifications (GCSE standard) in Mathematics and English Language, or can demonstrate competence through obtaining an alternative qualification of similar standard.


The Level 4 Diploma is accepted for entry on to the first year of three year UK Bachelor's degrees

Como inscrever-se

Go to www.iqualifyuk.com/educartis

O que torna especial este curso?

The units are taught through our Teaching Zone by a mixture of recorded and live lectures coupled with essential reading texts and exercises. You will have a personal tutor who is a subject expert whom you can contact if you have any questions.

O que acontece depois de solicitar informações?

You will receive the qualification brochure.

Como faço para pagar este curso?

Transferência, Paypal