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Accounting for Non-accountants

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The course has been developed around the essential elements of accounting and finance, but specifically has an emphasis on performance and decision making. It is intended to provide a good understanding of accounting for non-accountants. We will explore a number of accounting and finance initiatives that help us as managers in our decision making especially as we strive to attain the performance that is expected for the organisation.

It helps you develop an understanding of accounting and finance by showing both the differences between the two as well as their scope and limitations. In doing so, you will hopefully see that the lines of demarcation between the two strands are being continuously minimised to the extent that in the current business context both finance and accounting are almost merged in their use. The course has an emphasis on performance: both its measurement as well as issues around its production. The course will also cover the more qualitative aspects of accounting within such areas as, for example, capital investment appraisal, as well as some emerging issues for accounting and finance.

There is no formal assessment for this course, but there are self-assessment opportunities throughout the course.

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  • Duração: 4 semanas
  • Data de início: Flexível
  • 249 GBP

Programa de estudos

he course consists of nine substantive sessions and one revision session:

Cost Volume Profit (CVP) relationships and interpreting financial statements
The nature of CVP relationships in order to make decisions on maximising resources
The nature of costs
The changing world of budgets and budgeting
Management control
The nature of capital investment decisions and why they are so important
The value added approach
Revision of the main themes

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Para quem é este curso?

The course is intended for directors and senior or middle managers of private, not for profit and public sector organisations.

Quais são os critérios de inscrição?

There are no entry requirements, although you should have a reasonable level of English and Mathematics.

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Transferência, Paypal